Workout Yoga Pants Wolf Face Collage Women's Flare

$ 65.00 $ 88.00

Special limited edition of Wolf Print featuring the Wolves of the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, California. 10% of the proceeds from these yoga pants go to care and feeding of these Highly Intelligent and Sociable animal. 

High quality 4-way stretch fabric in a bold One of a kind print for leisure wear.  No roll elastic waist, sits comfortable and won't pinch. Super comfortable soft fabric great for doing yoga poses. The yoga pants can also be worn for casual wear or spin class, roller derby and dance class.

Unlike pants made out of cotton, the Moisture-wicking nylon fabric will keep you cool in a warmer climate.  They are light weight and breathable, with a high-spandex content the stretchy fabric will move to fit you even during advanced yoga poses.

Wolves are ecosystem engineers.  They give life to many others and help restore the balance to the ecosystem.  With wolves more aspens and cottonwoods grow and make them grow taller, stronger & healthier.  And bring more hawks and eagles.  They regenerate more berries for the bears in their wildlife habitat and the rivers change.  The wild wolf population makes for a more balanced ecosystem.  The YogaBerries are Wolf Advocates and the Yoga Students from Ventura County, California want to educate all people how well-mannered and loving a wolf dog can be. 

Howls, Health & Happiness the YogaBerries Way!

Note: A girl is modeling for the Woman's pant in these photos.