Deep Blue Sea Yoga DVD with the Traveling YogaBerries

$ 9.99

Learn about marine environment while seeing Frog Fish, Seahorses, Sharks and many other ocean creatures. Learn fun and interesting facts about the marine animals with One-eyed Bob the Pirate. Ocean Lovers will enjoy the ocean themed yoga poses such as Dolphin pose, Boat Yoga Pose, Sea Otter, Plank, Shark Pose, Sea Turtle, Tilting Penguin Pose, Mermaid and partner yoga poses such as Double Boat and Whale Pose. Join Certified Mini Yogis instructor Valerie Pike to play Yogi Games, participate in a Djembe Drum Circle and learn a guided beach relaxation and Sleeping Starfish guaranteed to help your child rest better. So come along on our Ocean Yoga Adventure and have fun with the YogaBerries! You can even imagine your yoga mat will turn into a surf board and be ready to spread the harmony wave by wave!