Active Wear In Fun Designs For School From YogaBerries Macaroni Kid Review Posted on 7 Jan 08:57

Are you looking for some comfortable but sporty school clothing?

High performance fabrics that are comfortable and durable for athletics like yoga, gymnastics, dance, ballet, skateboarding, hip hop and everyday wear for back to school.

From her daughter’s desire for comfortable pants, Yoga Berries was born.  Posted on 6 Jan 14:32

Valerie Pike, the woman behind Yoga Berries, wears many hats…writer, scuba diver and yoga instructor.  She is passionate about yoga and wants to encourage kids to get outside and enjoy nature while doing yoga.  This line of yoga pants (along with adorable tops) is colorful, fun and very well made in the USA. Yoga Berries – You Don’t Eat Them… You Wear Them!

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It is so cute when mom and daughter match their clothes! YogaBerries Gym Clothes Posted on 6 Jan 13:39

It is especially cute if mommy and daughter match their gym clothes. That is exactly what Yoga Berries set out to accomplish when they came up with their adorable kids/mommy line. Read the Mommyhood Chronicles Review!

Yoga Berries prides itself on its innovative design and unique style that allows for a four-way stretch while still being appropriate school wear for kids. The quick drying fabric is salt water and chlorine-resistant so they are perfect for SUP and surfing too.

Honestly the YogaBerries pants are super soft & comfortable you will want to wear them all day! Posted on 5 Jan 17:39

What if I told you I have been checking out products that will encourage your child to get outside and into a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe even in an activity they can share with their parent(s)?  These products are from Yoga Berries and my family and I have been enjoying a box we received over the last few days.  Creator Valerie Pike is a yoga instructor, author and environmentalist and her products represent these.  I absolutely ADORE her “mommy and me” yoga pants available in beautiful and vibrant patterns and colors.

MomDoesReviews blog on the YogaBerries proudly made in the USA Posted on 5 Jan 17:04

YogaBerries Made in the USA When it comes down to products, my favorite are always the ones that are made in the USA!

Great for Athletic Wear
I know these Yoga Berries Yoga Pants are awesome for Athletic Wear, but they are also amazing for everyday wear. The material on the yoga pants are made with 4 way stretch with moisture wicking. You can do anything you want in these pants. Whether it’s take a long walk or spend the day on the couch, I guarantee that you’ll be comfy either way.
Do Yoga and Skip the Jeans
I haven’t done Yoga in these pants, but you totally can. They are very stretchy! These are great for young girls who don’t want to wear jeans all day. Jeans can be super restricting and that’s never fun. I encourage you to order a pair of these fun Yoga Pants from Yoga Berries.
Totally adorable designs from Yoga Berries.

Read about MomDoesReviews thoughts on the YogaBerries clothing Posted on 5 Jan 16:52

With the growing popularity of children’s Yoga, YogaBerries wants to help educate children on the wonders of the rainforest and ocean. My Thoughts on Yoga Berries Yoga Pants.
I currently live in Yoga Pants so the Yoga Berries were welcome with open arms. The difference I saw in these yoga pants is that they are super comfortable and the designs are amazing. The two pairs of yoga pants I got, I loved the design.

Everyday is Comfortable with Yoga Berries Yoga Pants Read Mom Does Reviews Posted on 5 Jan 16:30

Imagine a world where you can feel comfortable in your clothing. Now you can with Yoga Berries Yoga Pants. Isn’t that such a fun thing to say? The first thing that came to mind with my new Yoga Pants is how soft they are. When you run your hands along the fabric, it’s a brilliant feeling of softness.

A Mom's Take Review on the YogaBerries Fashion Brand Posted on 5 Jan 09:40

I don’t know about you, but I LIVED in yoga pants while studying in college. Every day after I’d get home from class, I’d change into my favorite yoga pants and hit the books. Perfect for yoga, running, meditation, or just lounging at home, Yoga Berries offers the most adorable line of Mommy and Me yoga clothes. Featuring bright and bold prints, these yoga pants are incredibly comfortable with their soft fabric and stretchy waistband. Some of my absolute favorites include Yoga Berries picks include the Pink Aztec, Star Spangled, and Red Bandanna patterns. Perfect for little girls, teens, college students, and moms, be sure to look to Yoga Berries for all of your yoga wear needs.

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YogaBerries journey to a healthy lifestyle in Purple Galaxy, Rainbow Peace and SoCal prints.

From YogaBerriesGuru daughter’s desire for comfortable pants, Yoga Berries was born.  Posted on 28 Dec 08:37

This line of yoga pants is colorful, fun and very well made in the USA. Your daughter will never want to take them off. The colors are beautiful and vivid and the patterns are fun…like:
  • Galaxy
  • Rainbow  Peace
  • Paint Swirl
  • Red Bandana
  • Palm Tree Collage
  • Pink Camo