MomDoesReviews blog on the YogaBerries proudly made in the USA Posted on 05 Jan 17:04

YogaBerries Made in the USA When it comes down to products, my favorite are always the ones that are made in the USA!

Great for Athletic Wear
I know these Yoga Berries Yoga Pants are awesome for Athletic Wear, but they are also amazing for everyday wear. The material on the yoga pants are made with 4 way stretch with moisture wicking. You can do anything you want in these pants. Whether it’s take a long walk or spend the day on the couch, I guarantee that you’ll be comfy either way.
Do Yoga and Skip the Jeans
I haven’t done Yoga in these pants, but you totally can. They are very stretchy! These are great for young girls who don’t want to wear jeans all day. Jeans can be super restricting and that’s never fun. I encourage you to order a pair of these fun Yoga Pants from Yoga Berries.
Totally adorable designs from Yoga Berries.